Thank you for looking through my work! A little about myself... I am a young at heart designer currently in Austin, TX. I fell in love with design back in 2003 when I took an animation class using Flash MX. I continued learning other programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Those programs sent me down the rabbit hole learning more and more about design.
After designing for friends, fun, and small freelance gigs, I finally got the nudge to get my degree in 2013. While working full time, I received an AAS in Visual Communication in May of 2018 from Austin Community College. 
During my final year of college (2017) I started as a Visual Designer at a broadcast company in Austin. I have worked on many projects including mobile applications, websites, digital advertising, branding, and much more. I am continuously looking to propel my career in the right direction by taking on challenges and learning new skills. Currently, I am seeking positions that will help me learn more about this great industry and help people and users across the world. 
Thank you for learning about me! If you want to get in contact please follow me on the media links below or shoot me an email. Cheers!
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